Most commission work consists of character portraits and my fees are based upon this. Other projects may require different remuneration. My current rates and policies are as follows:

  • 1 Figure, $75
  • Additional figures on the same piece, $35/ea
  • A detailed background counts as a figure. This is negotiable depending on the level of detail.

For this price, you get copies of the finished art in any reasonable number of formats and resolutions you need. (Jpeg, GIF, TIFF, PSD, etc, at both screen and offset print quality. I work entirely digitally these days, so there is no original art to send.


You have the rights to unlimited reproduction for private use. You may also post it on up to three internet sites. However, if any money is to be made from the reproduction, you must inform me and get my written permission. I'll probably give it for a minor fee; I'm a nice guy. I put this disclaimer in here because I may need the art for a published project someday and this price is generally lower than what I would receive for a professional assignment. I also reserve the rights to display the artwork for portfolio purposes.

The more detail you send the better the final product. My usual work style is to receive the information, and do a rough pencil sketch. I will E-mail you the sketch for any alterations and final approval. Once approval is given, I will then ask for payment. Please use the PayPal button.

After I have received payment, I will begin the finished piece. I can do minor changes once the piece is finished, but these are mostly color corrections or minor touch-ups.

For all other commissions, please contact me personally for a quote.